Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Janell Parque has been a godsend to me. As an indie author, struggling to keep up with the standards, Janell has helped me out so much. She is a breeze to work with, has an understanding heart and is more than willing to help and teach me editing tricks for my future books. Now that I have Janell on my side, I feel like I am putting out a professional book that is of the utmost quality, which is what readers appreciate. I want to keep her for myself, but I will share the wealth. She is AMAZING!!!"
Meghan Quinn
Author of Toxic (The Addiction Series)
Fair Catch (Love and Sports Series)
Beers, Hens and Irishmen (Warblers Point Series)
Beers, Lies and Alibis (Warblers Point Series)
And more...
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